About Us

“Not simply produce, we are committed to produce healthy high-quality beverages.

PT. SUPRA SARI LESTARI (SSL) was founded in 1996 as a home-based small food and beverage (FnB) industry,  producing mainly powder drink. Since then, SSL has continued to expand, now producing an extended variety of FnB products. We operates an ISO22000:2018 certified manufacturing facility, a home to more than 150 employee. We serve both local and international markets by building partnerships with reputable companies.

Through years of experiences in producing powdered drinks products, syrup and seasonings. SSL is now recognized as an expert in powder products & seasonings which produces fruit flavors drinks, honey tea, instant coffee, pudding, low calorie sweetener, milk tea, health drinks. Today, we also produce premium gourmet syrup for hotels, restaurant and café needs. We have alread made an investment to expand our manufacturing capability to include seasonings such as mushroom bouillon granules.

We believe that quality assurance and progressive product development are our keys to success, which has made SSL known as a trusted food and beverage manufacturing business partner.

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