How to Serve Milk Tea Being a Special Drink

In addition to coffee-based drinks, Indonesia also found many tea-based beverages, especially for those of you fans of tea, a cup of hot tea with a favorite breakfast is the perfect day opener. This type of beverage is certainly not foreign anymore. Not only in Indonesia, tea is a famous drink throughout the world.

In Indonesia alone, tea is one of the most popular drink by the community, especially sweet tea. Various brands of sweet tea are available in the market. Any meal wherever there is a tea menu on the drink menu. The most widely consumed by the Indonesian people in particular is a type of drink made of jasmine tea, such as ice tea, warm tea, and tea packaging.


But forget for a moment jasmine tea is of course no stranger to you, because this time I want to tell you about a famous drink from Malaysia called Teh Tarik. Tea Pull is a typical drink neighbor country which is a mixture of sweet tea with milk. Then where does the name “Pull” come from? If you watch first hand the way of making it, you might be amazed by the tea being stirred in a unique way that looks like “pulled”.


This “withdrawn” effect is seen in the way the chef uses the technique of pouring and spilling tea from one glass to another. This is where the name Teh Tarik is given. To make a tasty Tea Pull, we must pay attention to the composition of tea and milk itself, because if one of these two elements is unbalanced, then it can affect the degree of consistency of Tea Pull.


The process of making Tea Pull is poured from one glass to another (thrown) cause the contents become more concentrated and the aroma comes out. In addition, this withdrawal process also helps cool the temperature of the beverage and provides a soft foam layer on the top that is formed due to the sugar content in the tea water. Tensile tea and iced tea are drinks that are sold at mamak’s restaurants, and are usually drunk with dishes such as nasi lemak, bread rolls, egg rolls, or bread.


Although the Tea Drag Recipe comes from Malaysia, but many sellers in Indonesia who provide this Tea Drag Recipe are mainly found in Aceh. For basic ingredients Tea recipe Drag yourself is a tea powder sold kiloan.Bagi you are curious to taste the unique taste and process of making this Tea Pull, you can try it yourself at home, because the process of making it not complicated, the following is a Special Drug Tea Recipe Typical of Malaysia.


Taste Tea Recipe Material:

Provide 200 ml of boiling water

Provide 2 bags of jasmine scent black tea

Provide 50 ml of evaporated milk

Provide 3 tablespoons sweetened condensed milk


Milk Tea Recipes:

2 large-sized glasses (preferably made of plastic, stainless steel, or tin, not made of glass)


How to Make a Milk Tea Receipes:

The first step in a glass handle, brewed tea with boiling hot water until thick and black.

Then add the evaporated milk and sweetened condensed milk. Stir well.

Steps to completion: Prepare another empty handled glass. Then pour the mixture of milk tea into an empty glass while being pulled high enough to spill the water. Do it repeatedly until frothy. Serve.


In the ingredients of Tea Recipe Drag mentioned one of them is evaporated milk, which is evaporated milk is cow’s milk is processed to a reduced water content and taste not sweet. Evaporated milk can be found in supermarkets, and available in canned packaging. You can also use full cream full cream if you like sweet taste.


You can present Tea Pull in a warm or cold state according to your taste. In Indonesia, besides being enjoyed with cane bread dishes, Tarik Tea is usually served with typical Bandung toast or martabak toast. In addition to being a popular drink in Aceh, Tea Tarik was also found in many Riau Islands.



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