Mamio Mixberry Collagen Drink

Mamio Mixberry is a Mixberry flavored powder drink with 1000 mg Collagen content. In addition Mamio Mixberry also contains Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Mamio Mixberry specially formulated as a refreshing beverage and beneficial to your body’s health and beauty of the skin.


Then Do you know what is collagen?

Collagen is one of the proteins that make up the human body. Its presence is approximately 30% of all proteins contained in the body. It is the organic structure of the builder of bones, teeth, joints, muscles, and skin. Collagen fibers have a strong resistance to pressure.

Collagen is produced naturally by the body and can become slow with age. Decreased collagen production in the body can lead to aging processes such as wrinkles, sagging skin, and joint pain. Some lifestyle factors can lead to decreased production of collagen such as:

  • Eat foods that contain high sugar
  • Smoke
  • Exposed to sunlight
  • Low intake of foods containing collagen
  • Have malnutrition
  • Have digestive problems


What are the benefits of collagen for our body?

Collagen has major benefits for the skin, joints, stomach, and appetite enhancers.

  1. Skin, the most significant collagen benefit is on the skin. As we age, our skin tends to thin out and loses elasticity through a process known as elastosis. Elastosis raises many signs of aging, including skin wrinkles and sagging. Collagen can help reverse the signs of aging and improve skin elasticity and moisture.
  2. Joints, though not outwardly visible, joint health are also influenced by daily consumption of collagen. In the same way as these nutrients improve skin elasticity, collagen also supports joint health. Taking collagen supplements is important for joints to lubricate the joints of the joints. Plus, it improves joint mobility and can even reduce the inflammation that contributes to joint pain. Its role in new cell growth also supports the development of important cells in joint tissues that support the comfort of your movement.
  3. Abdomen, collagen also helps lubricate the stomach and digestive system. It is important to make digestion easier and more complete Collagen is responsible for protecting the intestines and digestive tract from damaging conditions, such as ulcers, Crohn’s disease, and more.
  4. Appetite, collagen is also an important component to control appetite. Regular collagen consumption has the benefit of reducing the desire to consume sugars and carbohydrates, reduce hormonal fat in the stomach, and suppress the excessive feeding drive



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