History Of Thai Tea

Thai Tea is a tea variant from Thailand’s white elephant country which is now worldwide. In 1980, Chinese traders distributed tea to Thai Tea raw materials, Cha Yen Tea which was black tea, but because of the rising price, Cha Yen was later replaced by Ceylon tea, a very dark-scented black tea that comes from Sri Lanka

Tea is selected can not be arbitrary because the steep tea should have a sharp aroma and a very strong sense of black tea as well. Therefore, it is not surprising that Cha Yen or Ceylon are elected.

Not only to the steeping of black tea, Thai Tea will not be complete if it is not equipped with other ingredients such as spices, acids and anise and orange food dye that is typical of Thai Tea itself. The orange color comes from the coloring, not from the tea. To be more sweet and creamy, spice-rich tea was then combined with condensed milk, sugar, evaporated milk, or coconut milk. Not only that, ice becomes an important element that makes Thai Tea a prima donna when thirsty.



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